Consolidates all your existing operational systems.

HyperVision consolidates all your existing operational systems and management tools - regardless their technology or supplier - into one powerful, intuitive and infinitely scalable platform.

What is Hypervision ?

HyperVision is an incredibly powerful, open and digital supervision and control platform. It lives up to ENGIE’s own high standards by unfailingly converting your data into relevant information which you can manage on a clear and intuitive user interface.

This means that you can make decisions in real time or automatically trigger pre-defined actions for managing and controlling your operations, whether that’s a single site or plants all over the world.

That's how ENGIE HyperVision increases your business efficiency while reducing your operational costs. 

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A high end global supervisory and management platform

HyperVision is an extremely powerful supervisory system. Unlike supposedly similar systems, it can monitor and analyse data from different sources, no matter what their origin. This single platform can provide consistent data and user experiences. Users can visualise, control and take operational and business decisions based on the real time and reporting values this single platform displays.

The platform even supports big data capabilities and analytic functions, such as unstructured databases, R-analytics and many more, providing extra smart or predictive dimensions.

It is scalable, safe and very reliable. Users can manage thousands of sites or devices in a centralised and/or distributed fashion in an intelligent, structured and ‘need to know’ manner.

In addition to the outstanding connectivity standards that the system provides, HyperVision also allows IoT (Internet of Things) integration for monitoring and 
control. Additional low power battery-operated devices such as SigFox, LoRa and many others can be integrated. This is a highly promising new application area

because the entry costs of installation, operation and connectivity are very low, which promotes further digitisation.

HyperVision also includes Geo functions and Video integration. These functions allow maximum remote controllability via consolidated map views (such as Google Maps, Google Earth or Open Layer solutions ), integrated into HyperVision's user interfaces.

As well as the ability to integrate video management, the application will check the geographical zone displayed (position, map scale and viewing angles), or will read the data if the operator has access to these parameters. It adds ‘position markers’ to the maps which are ‘animated’ using data from the application (position, colour, style, messages).

The application will also process operator actions at these position markers. Users can activate the grouping function which displays ‘summary markers’. These summarise and indicate the status of each individual object, and animate them accordingly.

ENGIE Hypervision Key Features

Work smarter and take well-founded decisions for your operations

  • True open architecture and object oriented
  • Scalable and expandable during the lifecycle of the control system
  • Vendor independent connectivity
  • Safety certified up to SIL3
  • State of the art security, reliability and availability
  • Supports ‘out of the box’ full disaster recovery
  • Initial investment protection
  • Multi OS support, including Windows, Linux,.. but also iOS and Android for mobile applications 
  • Distributed systems
  • Integration of geographical and video functions into the system