HyperVision supplies you with a Unified Security System
with video, access control and SCADA functions in an all-in-one user experience.


Your most efficient approach to unify and manage security systems.

What’s in HyperVision for Security?

If you need a USF (Unified Security System) with video, access control and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) functions plus an all-in-one user experience, HyperVision can supply this. It can unify third-party security and business systems and control all operations seamlessly, while giving users the ability to respond rapidly to different and emerging situations.

Because it’s an open software solution, HyperVision not only gives you full control, it can also help you toavoid the pitfalls of traditional security systems like limited connectivity between various applications, compatibility issues and costly

maintenance. HyperVision consolidates monitoring, reporting and configuration tasks, giving you the most efficient approach to managing security systems and reacting using pre-defined scenarios.

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  • Integrated Intrusion management

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