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Digital Factory Management for industry and manufacturing. From employee access control to productivity and efficiency analysis. Designed to meet your specific wants and needs.

Robust, scalable, technology Iindependent

Taylor Made Digital Factory Management.

What’s in HyperVision for Industry & Manufacturing?

If you’re starting a digital factory with digital control of all aspects of the manufacturing process, HyperVision is the foundation stone, whether you have one or many workstations. This plant management concept uses an open approach to sharing and controlling common data from multiple applications in the company,

from factory floor to company integration. This is why HyperVision’s openness and interoperability are key factors in making this an effortless operation for customers. What’s more, HyperVision’s solutions can be easily adapted to your specific needs so that they match your own digital factory concept.



  • Continuous emission monitoring metal plants
  • Semiconductor plants  
  • Plant management systems
    (utilities, power distribution, energy management, etc.)

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