Hypervision Power

Energy & Grids

Improve the operational efficiencies of your existing energy production, transmission and distribution assets while meeting increasingly tough environmental regulations.

Power, control, safety and information.

Improving operational efficiency in the energy & grids industry.

What's in Hypervision for Energy & Grids?

HyperVision offers you control, power, safety and information in a single open and scalable architecture. You can use it for complete plant-wide control in conventional and renewable energy generation, or for your transmission and distribution requirements. HyperVision’s solutions help to improve your operational efficiencies despite ageing assets. They also comply with increasingly tough environmental regulations, as well as meeting these demands with a diminishing amount of resources and fewer experienced workers.


HyperVision suite offers a broad portfolio that

  •  Enhances operational efficiency 
  • Optimises plant operation procedures 
  • Provides safe and efficient remote control of substations 
  • Provides a clear and easy understandable control flow 
  • Analyses and reports emissions 
  • Makes it easy to monitor complex alarms and quickly act accordingly, reducing costly downtime 


  • District heating  
  • Gas pipelines 
  • Wind farms 
  • Solar parks 
  • Power distribution monitoring and topology management
  • Energy management 

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