Buildings & Cities

Integrate your building or city management step by step. Operate and optimise all related services across different platforms and protocols through a truly intuitive interface.


From one application in a single building to a multitude of technologies in an entire city.

What’s in HyperVision for Buildings & Cities?

If you want a future-proof and scalable BMS (Building Management System), FMS (Facility Management System) and CMS (City Management System) which can operate and optimise all your related services across different platforms and protocols, look no further than HyperVision.

What’s in HyperVision for Buildings & Cities?

It has a simple and intuitive interface which makes it easy to use a wide range of monitoring, reporting and diagnostic tools which put you in complete control (HVAC, lighting, security and fire protection systems, etc.). HyperVision’s enhanced system configurations, programming caapabilities and additional IT features improve productivity, can reduce your energy costs and enhance security.

When it comes to CMS specifically, in addition to typical city dashboards, HyperVision can provide an intelligent City Operational Control Centre. It also supports big data tools and analytics, and covers the full scope of a Smart City. Another outstanding feature is its phased approach which allows you to implement it step by step. 


  • Integrated BMS
  • Integrated FMS
  • Integrated CMS (smart cities)
  • Unified Security systems
  • Monitoring and remote control of utility/technical buildings

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